• Crocodile Sculpture
  • Monkey Sculpture
  • Shark and Dolphin
  • Handicapped Lady
  • Mini Museum

Unique Features

Tourist Objects Par Excellence!

These are world-class unique objects on display; tourists turning up in good numbers to see them; high-level of constructive appreciation from all about the potential and possibilities. It has a great potential, capable of unleashing a great spurt in tourism industry in the state:

India's First, Worlds Best!

It is the first in the country. It has immense potential as a tourism product of special interest. It is said that at least one-third of tourists to Kumarakom are visitors to this museum alone ... all these, without any marketing or makeup. The crown is in the outhouse and the king always happily steps in. This is India's first and world's best museum exhibiting objects made exclusively from driftwoods, attracting tourists from all continents.

Wonders Of The Wild Sea!

The museum provides a unique learning experience of immense natural heritage and scientific value. These are wonderful pieces of art by Mother Nature, collected while floating on shores of the Bay of Bengal near Andaman & Nicobar Islands, aged millions of years, seasoned in the ocean for centuries and moulded as sculptures through hydrodynamic process by the sea waves. Simply, wonders of the wild sea, the unseen & foreseen for ages!

Kerala's Only Special Interest Tourist Destination!

Driftwood Museum is Kerala's only special interest tourist destination and a great futuristic asset of Indian tourism. The museum attracts high value tourists from over 75 countries regularly since 2001.

A Woman's'venture!

Perhaps it is the only museum designed, owned and operated by a woman artiste, without any professional training at all in arts. It is established and managed by a retired schoolteacher with almost no external funding.

Immense Scientific Heritage Value!

The museum objects are so precious and unique that they cannot be priced and are heritage items preserved for the posterity. An official assessor puts their price above one crore rupees.

Lowest Fee, Yet Highest Revenue To Community!

It has the lowest entry fee in any museum of this sort in the world. Yet, it enables the inflow of lakhs of rupees to the economy from thousands of high value visitors to the state. The museum is attracting thousands of visitors to the area and provides income in some way or other. Since it is located close to the heritage hotels, benefits are also accruing to them.

Potential For Future

The museum has great potential for future growth and diversification, considering the tourist potential of Kumarakom. The website of the museum has a very high rating in the Google, a testimony of its popularity.

Visitor Profile

The visitor profiles includes ministers, governors, senior officers, judges, lawyers, politicians, professors, architects, scientists, journalists, tourism managers, hoteliers, students etc. Nationals from almost all countries across have stepped in to the museum to see the artifacts.